Crafting your perfect home requires a series of thousands of small and large decisions, some more consequential than others.  It takes time, hard work and focus and with so many moving parts there are numerous ways a project can be derailed.

With this in mind we have structured our operations to adhere to clear values and simple investment principles in order to deliver consistently superior returns to the communities, the homeowners and investors with whom we partner.

Our operational values:

  • We look for intrinsic value; ‘Positive equity on day-one’ for our clients and partners.  We don’t believe in over-building or over-spending so we look for the right mix of art and science, practicality and uniqueness at every turn.

  • We utilize leverage conservatively; cash is king and we prefer to have it on-hand in anticipation of market cycles.

  • We strive to partner with people we like and respect; life is too short to exchange anything less for a few dollars.

  • We constantly question how we we’re improving the communities in which we work, live and invest and we allow that reflection to drive our decision making.

It should not take long to appreciate our value proposition.  The homes we create are superior to other spec homes in their particular sub-market by design. After conceiving of a beautiful and functional home we add the ‘extras’, the energy solutions, the high-quality products and finishes usually reserved for luxury custom builds and strive to do so at a competitive price thereby truly adding value to the communities and the homeowners we serve.

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